Catch this interview with Dating & Relationship Expert, Jenna Ponaman

Beautifully Built Podcast episode with Dating and Relationship Expert Jenna Ponaman

As clique as it sounds, you really do need to love yourself before searching for love.

Jenna & I had such a blast chatting all things self love and dating on the Beautifully Built Podcast.

It’s easy to use relationships as a distraction prolonging the inner work that we all need to be doing to find that deep rooted self love. When someone else loves you, it feels great… But the real question to be asking yourself… “Do you love you”?

Tune into this episode, meet Jenna and hear all of the tips she dropped about finding that forever someone.

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Emotional Eating with Melissa & Melissa

Ever catch yourself eating simply eating because you’re emotional? Yep!! Us too! Melissa B. & I are so passionate about this topic because it is just SO REAL. Food is such a great distraction– it’s not surprising that we fall into routines and behaviors of eating instead of processing some of the things going on within our minds and our bodies. The issue is, we tend to numb our thoughts with food and down the road we run into issues that may be creating sabotaging behaviors or limiting beliefs simply because we buried those emotions instead of dealing with them! Does that sound familiar?

If you catch yourself ignoring your emotions and reaching for something delicious to eat, you’re here for a reason, we were totally supposed to meet. Melissa B. & I want to introduce you to these thought provoking conversations so that you might have the AH-HA moment that both Melissa B. & I have had in our own lives.

Check out this video & if you loved it, you’ve GOT to hear the full convo on the Beautifully Built Podcast. Click here to tune in and hear more about how to gain control again and break through these dangerous emotional eating habits

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