The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

It sounds easy, but sometimes Hard Boiled Eggs just don’t come out the way you want them to! Well, Julia Child claims that this is the PERFECT way to make a Hard Boiled Egg every single time, so I figured I’d share the knowledge with you all 😉

Perfect for Meal Prep, Hard Boiled Eggs are packed with protein and easy to eat on the go so I hope you learn a new trick watching this video!

The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

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GET FIT Plan Day 1- Legs

Day 1 of the GET FIT Strength Training Plan that I created and guess what we are training??? LEGS! 😝 My favorite! Check this video out, screenshot the workout in the caption below the video and give it a try. DISCLAIMER: Don’t blame me if you can’t walk the next couple days hahha 😉😘

Stay tuned for the next workout in this program! If you’d like a copy, make sure to contact me!

Get FIT Plan Day 1: Legs

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Getting OVER a Fear of The Weight Room

Let’s be real, it’s never easy starting something new for the first time especially when you may not be comfortable in this new environment. Ladies! Have you been too intimidated to step into the Weight Room at your gym? Well, I hope I can help you get over your fear with my newest video! Please like, subscribe, comment and share!

Staying away from the weight room is not going to help you hit any fit chick goals though, so let’s chat about getting OVER any fear you may have about the Weight Room once and for all! Everybody’s got to start somewhere and it is my hope that these tips and tricks help brush off some of the nerves you may have about getting started!
Getting OVER a Fear of The Weight Room

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~Come with me to the gym for SHOULDER DAY~

Who’s new to working out? Sometimes it’s hard to be committed when you don’t really feel as if you know what you are doing in the gym. Wellllll, I happen to be incredibly passionate about the gym and fitness, so come with me today and lets train SHOULDERS!

When you look at somebody, the first thing you see that really frames the body is their shoulders. So let’s work out together to get some nice, round, strong shoulders the frame our bodies!

Hope you enjoy today’s video. Please feel free to write me a comment, I love hearing what you guys have to say. If you’d like to share, tag me 😉 And as usual, please subscribe if you haven’t already done so. Appreciate all the love and support, now let’s go workout!

~Come with me to the gym for SHOULDER DAY~

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**5 Tips for Busting Through a Weight Loss Plateau**

Have you been there before? Seriously one of the most frustrating things when you feel like you’ve been doing everything right… paying attention to your nutrition, getting more active, but that scale just won’t BUDGE. Man do I feel your pain. I have been there many times before and have learned from experience that sometimes you’ve just got to pay a little more attention to a few variables. I put this video together to go over 5 of my top tips for busting through that frustrating plateau. Check it out and give some of these tips a try! If you do indeed get through that plateau using these tips, you better let me know! Shoot me a message, leave a comment or snap me so I can celebrate with you! 5 Tips for Busting Through a Weight Loss Plateau 

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Let’s DO this blog thangggg!

You’ve got to start somewhere, right?! Can’t really say I know much about blogging, vlogging or WordPress, but here I am… ready to get over my fear and just DO THIS! Real excited to share my light with you all. I feel as if I was put on this earth to radiate sunshine and positivity with anyone whose path I cross. Winging it one day at a time, I’m excited to dive in and share my story with you all. Thanks for the support and love, here goes nothing!!IMG_0346