Searching for Happiness can be EXHAUSTING

Searching for happiness is literally EXHAUSTING if you are searching in the WRONG places 😴

I used to wake up every morning wondering if “maybe today I will finally be happy”.

I remember thinking to myself, “ if I lose this weight, maybe I’d finally be happy”.

“If I could just get my body to look like this, maybe I’d finally be happy”

“If this guy likes me, maybe that will finally make me happy”

Or, “maybe if I get so rich that I don’t have to worry about money & can just buy whatever I want, that’s what will make me happy” 👜👠

What a freaking wake up call it was when I started attracting the people, the money, the things, and my heart still felt empty. I was chasing this happiness so hard, wtf, I still couldn’t find it.

I was burnt out & so ready to just settle. Maybe this was as happy as I was supposed to be? 🤷🏼‍♀️

I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for the coaches & mentors that have come into my life. When I started understanding that happiness is an INSIDE JOB, I had to start looking in the mirror and creating my own happiness.

I was obsessed with searching for happiness outward cuz I was scare AF to look inwards. 

I had to start bringing up and processing so much emotional pain & trauma that I had accumulated throughout my life. It’s always been much easier and wayyy more comfortable to just push the bad memories under the rug, so that’s what I’ve done. 

 I was blind to the fact that my own emotions were affecting me on a subconscious level. It was holding me back from this happiness that I was burning myself out searching for.

You mean to tell me that this WHOLE TIME I had been searching, happiness was inside of me? Yeppp. Wanna know how I know? Cuz I’ve done the work now & I’ve found the happiness from within that fills my soul. No one can bring me down, cuz now I’m full of what makes me happy 😃 

I truly believe that I’ve had to go through so many of these hard life lessons so that I can help guide others through them as well. I can’t begin to express how amazing it feels to uncover this happiness within yourself. To not rely on anyone else or anything else to light yourself up every single day is magical ✨

Happiness is an inside job, it’s something you have to uncover within yourself. I really hope that I can inspire you to reflect on your happiness. I hope that I can do more than inspire you, I hope that I can create positive change within your life.

Life Coaching is my passion because I know for a fact that I can help you uncover things about yourself that will change the entire trajectory of your life. 

You are meant for so much more than you are living right now. Your life has endless possibilities, I’d love to help you uncover the confidence, power & happiness that’s hiding inside of your heart right this very second! 

I believe in you, I’m here to support you & I can’t wait to see you shine! ✨

Check out my website and give my coaching a try! Schedule a Power Hour Call and let’s find your true happiness together 💜

“Coach me and I will learn. Challenge me and I will grow. Believe in me and I will win”

“I had my first power hour call with Melissa yesterday and now I completely understand why it’s called a POWER hour. It was the most powerful conversation that within the first 15 minutes I was in tears. I didn’t know what to expect and I definitely didn’t expect to break down but it was exactly what I needed! She helped me dig deep and uncover some of the things I was burying inside that were holding me back from reaching my goals and living a happier life! Even the things that weigh me down on a daily basis already feel lighter because Melissa helped me figure out a way to process these feelings. She reminded me of the importance of self compassion, which is easily forgotten when you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Together we created a personalized plan of action so that I can develop healthier routines and habits to accomplish my goals. I am so grateful to Melissa for opening up my mind and helping me see past the limiting beliefs that prevent me from making my dreams a reality! I am a true believer that people come into your life for a reason and Melissa saved me from feeling lost and overwhelmed on this journey! Our one on one call showed me the importance of having someone like Melissa in my life to believe in me, cheer me on and offer guidance and support. This call and being part of her DTFMB community has literally changed the trajectory of my life!

-Sarah McNeely Rosenzweig
Client of Melissa’s

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